School Accounts

School Accounts

Set up a credit union in your school

Funding from the Scottish Government has enabled us to set up our Junior Savers Schemes in selected schools across East Renfrewshire

The project aims to encourage positive financial habits from a young age. As part of the project we have employed a Project Coordinator to act as a liaison for the schools. Pupils are encouraged to join up as members, and save as much and as often as they like (in previous years we have offered our First Savers a two per cent dividend). So if you’re interested in receiving support to set up a credit union within your school. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Oversee collection points
  • Deliver financial education workshops
  • Help the pupils run the credit union
  • Teaching about Cooperatives and not for profits

Schools involved in the scheme will also be taking part in Wildhearts Micro-Tyco challenge as part of the project; as we belief that the savings and ethical finance practices the Credit Union promote works hand in hand with the entrepreneurial skills learnt through the challenge.

If you would like to find out more about your school working with Pioneer Mutual Credit Union please contact us.

The following schools have benefited from the project:

  • Hazeldene Family Centre 
  • Eaglesham Primary School
  • Mearns Primary/Nursery School
  • St Mark’s Primary School        
  • St Thomas’ Primary School       
  • St Luke’s High School
  • Williamwood High School
  • Carlibar Primary 
  • St Ninian's High School
  • Woodfarm High School